Join us Sundays at 9:00am & 10:00am


Worship, Music and Arts

PFGC Ministry of Worship, Music and Arts is on the move for God! We capture the heart of God through various facets within this ministry.  We strike a good balance between worship, music and arts. The celebration of worship is demonistrated through adult, young adult, youth choir, musicians, praise singers, and dancers.  We minister through drama, spoken word, pantomime, and a wide selection of gifts and talents.  We endeavor to touch the heart of God in such a way that heaven responds with its GLORY.

Church Choirs

  • Sanctuary
  • Women (Forthcoming)
  • Men (Forthcoming)
  • Children
  • Teen (P2G)
  • Young Adult Ensemble


  • Dance Ministries
  •      (Adults)
  •      (Teens age: 13-18)
  •      (Youth age 6-12)
  •      (Step Team-Forthcoming)
  •      (Mime Ministry



Sound & Lighting