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Our Vision

 We have been given a “Big” Vision: The apostolic leaders of PFGC have been given a prophetic word of the Lord to build an apostolic resourceful ministry where families are strong units, the ministry is founded in the Word, and the ministry is raising a generation to be a people who models holiness, integrity, obedience, honor and discipline.

We have been given a vision where the church becomes more impactful and influential than the community. Thus, the church being the divine leadership force will erupt a kingdom revolution of restoration to occur in families where mountain-like problems, devastation and trauma has ripped them asunder. When the church leads the way, then the less fortunate will become employed and empowered contributors in their society.

We have been given a vision where the church will lead the way for businesses, corporations and governments to turn to leaders who are supernaturally mantled to impart guidance, direction and leadership in the affairs of the world.

Visionally, we see and pray that God will continue bringing to PFGC people who are both skilled and passionate about the kingdom, people who will impact communities, regions, and nations. We are commissioned to develop a worship center where people can be raised, trained, empowered and released to serve, rule and dominate competently and effectively wherever they are assigned in the kingdom of God (Gen. 1:26; Mat. 19:20). It is our joy to do it and to do it well!