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The Ministry of Education extends beyond the classroom or "black board".  The history of our educational system has its roots firmly planted in the Word of God.  Originally, we were taught that everything must revolve around our Creator to be successful in life.  It was after the initial study of the Word that reading, math, and science followed. As the years have passed the enemy has crept into this area of influence using such tools as humanism and atheism and has taken dominion over the ministry of Christian education.  Today humanism and atheism are taught daily in our educational system and consequently is molding the minds of the learners as opposed to the Word of God.

Christian Education

  • Youth
  • Victorious Living Hour
  • On-Target Classes

Leadership Development & Training

  • School of Dominion Ministy
  • Leadership Seminars/Workshops
  • Ministry Development Classes
  • Transformational Classes
  • Adopt-A-School Initiative