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E-Membership FAQ's


Q. What is it?

A. E-Membership has been created for the purpose of giving those who watch or listen to PFGC online broadcast an opportunity to become "connected" to our church.

Q. Why do we need it?

A. We now have families viewing our online broadcast services live each weekend. Even more are viewing archived videos during the week. Many of these viewers are committed to PFGC. They watch faithfully and some even consider PFGC their "home" church. We're had requests from our internet congregatiion for a way in which they can become more connected.

Q. What are the benefits of becoming an E-Member?

A. As an E-Member, you will have the covering of God that is on this church in your life. Our ministerial leaders as well as our prayer intercessors will cover you in prayer just as they do for our local congregation. Whether you have a prayer request or a praise report we want to hear about it!

Q. How do I become an E-Member?

A. Simply fill out the form here to let us know that you would like become an E-Member.

Q. Can I be both a regular member and an E-Member?

A. If you attend the Church both in person and view our online broadcasts on a regular basis, then yes, you can be both. Otherwise, you will be an E-Member or a regular member depending how you usually participate in our services.

Q. How is E-Membership different from regular membership?

A. There are some things that our Pastoral Leaders can do for regular membership that we can't do for E-Members, simply because of distance. For example: weddings, hospital visits and funerals. However, with E-Membership just as regular membership, the same anointing and glory in our church is covering you.

Q. Can I make financial contributions to my new E-Church?

A. Yes, through e-Giving click here