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The Lord has blessed PFGC with a great harvest! As the church continues to grow, the Care Ministries is there as an extension to the pastoral team to meet the needs of the people.  The advise that God gave Moses through his father-in-law in Exodus chapter 18 is suitable for us today. The people are too many for one person.  Thus, the Care Ministry team is building a sense of community within PFGC by reaching out and ministering to the needs of members and the local communities.  The various care ministries have been formed to adequately and effectively reach every member and minister to their individual needs both physical and spiritual.  The Lord said in Ezekiel 34:11 that He will search for the missing sheep and look after them.  The Care Ministries will search for our missing members; bring them back to the church and look after them.

Health Ministry

  • S.M.A.R.T. (Sanctuary Medical Alert Response Team)
  • Disability Ministry
  • Homebound: "In Reach"
  • Hospice care


  • Greeters
  • Food Preparation
  • Parking Lot Team
  • Comfort
  • Famililies in Grief-FIG

Hands Of Worship

  • Deaf Ministry